Something different

  Here is a short segment of me reading a meditation. I hope you enjoy it and please do comment or get in touch as I welcome feedback and enjoy the interactions. A short example meditation  


Thoughts, verbalised rather than written

I had bit of an emotionally draining morning. Nothing really wrong I just had to realise I'm not as indestructible as I thought I was. More on that in the coming weeks as it is part of my journey. So instead here is a short video on My thoughts on 40 bags of Lent What do …

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Learning new things….or rather revisiting old skills

Back in the day I was really into technology. I went on all the courses and my skills were reasonably good. I could even take a computer apart and rebuild it. Now, well I think plug and play technology has made me lazy. During the week a friend of a friend, where would we be …

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Where are Mulder and Scully when you need them.

I had bit of an odd day today. I felt people were trying to guide me into the neat boxes of the corporate world. Which only seems to encourage my rebellious streak.  I came home had a bath and cooked dinner. It took awhile to calm down and I thought I had been stropping around …

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Is it all there?!

I have been asked to write a report and anyone who knows me will laugh. Laugh because I really do not like doing anything formal. I am more of a hands on and get the job done sort of person. Mindfulness; don't judge the task just acknowledge and get on and do it; I tell …

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