A whole year on…..

This is Gizit and yesterday he was one year old. He was born on my first proper Saturday at home. Home being County Clare, Ireland. I didn't set out to get a dog born on the that day. Somewhere along the way the other half said 'I thought you were going to get another dog' …

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Before I start waxing on about other things I'd like to explain about the lack of videos posted. I had grand plans. As grand as Ireland's national broadband roll out plan. Both patchy and so far have delivered sod all. My talents/gifts are developing well and I have videos posted on facebook, if your interested.

Change my life ……it’ll be so easy!

I have read so many stories of how people have turned away from the city slicker lifestyles and just seemlessly dropped into the alternative/rural life without a bat of an eyelid. Well let me just say for me it hasn't been so easy. Transitioning away from where I worked and lived was akin to ripping …

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