A whole year on…..

This is Gizit and yesterday he was one year old. He was born on my first proper Saturday at home. Home being County Clare, Ireland. I didn't set out to get a dog born on the that day. Somewhere along the way the other half said 'I thought you were going to get another dog' …

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Before I start waxing on about other things I'd like to explain about the lack of videos posted. I had grand plans. As grand as Ireland's national broadband roll out plan. Both patchy and so far have delivered sod all. My talents/gifts are developing well and I have videos posted on facebook, if your interested.

Change my life ……it’ll be so easy!

I have read so many stories of how people have turned away from the city slicker lifestyles and just seemlessly dropped into the alternative/rural life without a bat of an eyelid. Well let me just say for me it hasn't been so easy. Transitioning away from where I worked and lived was akin to ripping …

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Technology and me!

I'm not sure how this post is going to look on devices. I'm moving away from using the computer as I'm finding sitting at it lacking in inspiration. Instead I am now using a moblie device. The idea being more regular updates/stories. Our first season planting potatoes was very successful and encouraged by it I …

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