It has been awhile…..

....a long while. I had grand plans for continuing with the blog and with one thing and another I found life got busy. It took me ages to get over Juno passing. The introduction of another dog left last year (2019)left the house feeling all over the place. Much as Kai is a gorgeous dog, …

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A whole year on…..

This is Gizit and yesterday he was one year old. He was born on my first proper Saturday at home. Home being County Clare, Ireland. I didn't set out to get a dog born on the that day. Somewhere along the way the other half said 'I thought you were going to get another dog' …

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Before I start waxing on about other things I'd like to explain about the lack of videos posted. I had grand plans. As grand as Ireland's national broadband roll out plan. Both patchy and so far have delivered sod all. My talents/gifts are developing well and I have videos posted on facebook, if your interested.

Change my life ……it’ll be so easy!

I have read so many stories of how people have turned away from the city slicker lifestyles and just seemlessly dropped into the alternative/rural life without a bat of an eyelid. Well let me just say for me it hasn't been so easy. Transitioning away from where I worked and lived was akin to ripping …

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Me, really?!

I am great at helping others out. Using my talents, gifts and experiences to signpost. But who does it for me?! I've not had to think too much about this before now. I had habits and routines. I knew where I went to work and where I shopped. My internet habits were very predictable. Then …

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Winter gone

  We have experienced what feels like the longest winter ever. What didn't help was our heating system wasn't working properly. No matter how well we had the stove going the house was still cold. The oil boiler needed a service and we also had to get a radiator changed. By chance I saw a …

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2018, Here I am!

Ok, here I am in County Clare, Ireland. Last year I (well the other half eagerly agreed and encouraged it all) moved. Big life change. Also, a rather large scale adventure. Selling and buying houses in two very different countries was challenging. The articles I'd read about delays in Ireland proved to be untrue in …

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