Snow Moon

20140521_192028-1 Last night we had what is called a Snow Moon (Native American tradition). In spiritual terms it is known as the Lunar Eclipse in Leo.

Up until recently I haven’t really paid much attention to moons or stars. Aside from sitting out on a summer’s evening and watching the sky and maybe using an app on my phone to show me what stars are where that is about it.

So, why now?! Well, as I continue my journey I find myself becoming more aware. Let me explain what I mean. Yesterday to me felt as though I was having final conversations with certain people. They didn’t realise it would be the last sit down but I did. The time with them was pleasant and good memories were created. I also said to the other half that the next home we would have would be our castle – which included the area around the house.

I’ve been exploring some websites and here is a flavour of what I read. Is it all true? For me the jury is still out but more and more evidence is being put in front of me which is hard to ignore. mindful-meditation-wolf-head_bw_fa-1-page-001

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Leo – The Opening of a New Gateway

Lunar Eclipse in Leo Horoscopes

Feb 2017 Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Incidentally, I am a Leo and yes I do feel like my roar carries more ‘weight’ these days. All for the greater good I hasten to add!

If you’d like to talk to me about what I do, please get in touch.


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