Weekly Chat & Card Reading

  Welcome to my video for the coming week. This week includes chat about a coloring book, animal communication and a story about a healing experience. Usual card reading included.        


Let’s talk about……Mental Health

Here is a film (approx 6 mins long) recently produced by Transport for London. As I took part in it's making I can say the only thing scripted about it are the questions. I have watched it myself and reflected on my own contribution. Crumbs, emotions can be raw but as they say better out than in. …

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“The voice of silence”

A friend gave me this book as a gift. Oonagh, the author was about the same age as one of my Grannies, also born in Co. Leitrim, Ireland.  How very different their lives were! I liked the writing style of the book but I did feel, when reading, it glossed over some delicate issues. Now …

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Weekly messages with Cards and Chat

I've started doing a weekly message using these cards. The video is about 40mins long and includes a chat on Animal Communication. It is on my you tube channel V K Browne and here is the link Weekly messages I would love to hear what you think and if any of it resonates, do get in touch.  

What’s in a glass of wine?!

What indeed!  When I was younger I did enjoy a drink or three. All part of good night out, at least I thought it was. Age and being more health conscious means I rarely touch alcohol these days. Though last night I did have a couple of glasses. Suffice to say the head is a …

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