How I renew and refresh


I hear loads about how important it is to ground and protect yourself. But what does this actually mean?! I can only say what it means to me and how I feel about it. By sharing experiences I hope you are inspired to find your own way.

Grounding to me means being level head and practical. That is so easy I hear people say but is it. Can you actually close your eyes for 10 seconds and feel connected to the energies of the earth?  I couldn’t a few weeks ago and my other half said I needed to get some decent fresh air and a feel of real grass under my feet. It’s the middle of February so no way am I walking about on cold wet grass.

The compromise is sea air and walks by the coast. Followed by trips to community gardens, hence the arty black and white photo. I know this might sound a bit nuts but I feel younger and stronger. I also have this surge of energy which I can only describe as having rather large wings and being able to fly anywhere.mindful-meditation-wolf-head_bw_fa-1-page-001

Now for the protecting part of it – for me the answer is ‘LOVE’. I am surrounded by family, the laughter is hearty. The sharing of sweets and ‘oi did you just walk off and leave me the wrappers to clear up’ is all part of the banter.

This is my grounding and protecting. What do you think? What do you do?

If you’d like to talk to me about what I do, please get in touch.


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