About me

Hello, my name is Virginia.  I have a day job which keeps me grounded and I host meditation workshops there to help people discover a way of managing stress and being more in the workplace. This also applies to life in general – relationships, etc.

I am also what is called a ‘Spiritual Healer’ though I prefer to think of it as channeling healing.

I was educated in Ireland and lived there until I was in my late teens.  Then I landed in London and what a shock to the system it was. London took me in and so began my adult life. I’ve been through a marriage, single life and now am in a civil partnership. I spent a year working for a private company and then fell madly in love with public transport.

I started working for what has become Transport for London, well it became a vocation really.  Trials and tribulations, ups and downs, promotions, side ways moves, laughter and tears. Well over a 26-year career a lot can happen and it did!

I also developed hypothyroidism, which is now well managed, and that created its own issues.  The medication does the job but I needed something else. Fresh air and exercise all helped but they weren’t quite enough. Then I found meditation and it has all grown from there.

My whole attitude to work has changed and the changing uncertain times the company is going through hasn’t phased me. Why?! Because I use mindfulness. I am now at the stage where I am confident enough to share what I have learned with others. Outside work I have hosted meditation sessions and I spent about a year developing a 6-week run.

A chance conversation with Steve Loft, the staff champion of Wellment  ‘Time to Change’ within the Transport for London, lead to a series of one-hour sessions over 6 weeks for a number of staff.

I see people who come to these sessions to grow in their own confidence and run their own groups. As luck would have it this has happened. Three people from the course are setting up their own groups in two other buildings.


For me, this is what success looks like. Future success will be enjoying the opportunity to take my talent into other companies and help them set up similar workshops and sessions.

Contact me for more details.

10 thoughts on “About me

  1. Soul Gifts

    That sounds great – the teaching meditation/mindfulness in organisations. So needed everywhere. Wish you well and hope that it prospers and grows.
    Thank you for the follow of Soul Gifts. And welcome to my blogging family !

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