Weekly Chat and Card Reading

When you watch this week's video you'll hear Jem crashing into things and generally being a minx. Apologies the quality of the video isn't as good as it has been. Technical hitch with my laptop so I had to use my phone!   https://youtu.be/KmIvWHqaV7o      


Community Spirit

  This photo is a memory from a winter's morning on Polegate High Street. The joys of getting up early and going to work! To help my improve my fitness levels I volunteered to deliver some leaflets for an acquaintance.  A couple of years ago I delivered leaflets in the same road so I thought …

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Weekly Card Reading & Chat

Well, week two of my phased return to work and I am rather enjoying myself. It's as if I have a new enthusiasm for work. A great feeling. The only downside is working in a building with so many people is the chatting. People haven't seen me in weeks and they want to say 'Hello'. …

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Weekly Card Reading 21 June – 27 June

I took this photo, with my smartphone, yesterday. It is near Victoria train station, London.  When I arrived in London, nearly 30 years ago, the place seemed huge but not busy. If I wanted to make a phone call then I had to use a public phone using a phone card. How things have changed. …

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Weekly Card Reading & Chat

A strong message coming through this week about community. I remember when I was growing up if you were short on something (tea,sugar etc) you'd be sent to a neighbour with a cup to ask nicely for some. There was always turn about with these requests and it worked. Fast forward 30 years and although …

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Distance means nothing

The picture is of Gem and Garfield, mother and son stretched out on a fish tank I used to have. I've had an interesting week. Health wise things are really picking up now. No longer is taking the dogs out for a 20 minute walk an up hill battle. We are all quite lively out …

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Weekly Chat and Card Reading

    I have been rather quiet the last few weeks. Being at home recovering doesn't really provide much food for story telling. Sitting watching the birds in the garden playing in the bark chippings in the back garden. Not really riveting stuff but nice and relaxing. So, here is this week's card reading and chat. …

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