Weekly Card Reading 21 June – 27 June


I took this photo, with my smartphone, yesterday. It is near Victoria train station, London.  When I arrived in London, nearly 30 years ago, the place seemed huge but not busy. If I wanted to make a phone call then I had to use a public phone using a phone card. How things have changed. Buildings have been demolished and glass giants have taken their place. The photo shows the new and the old. Public phones have now nearly disappeared. We have mobile phones which have built in cameras and internet access.

This week I returned to work, a staged return. I’m not 100% better but equally I’m not ill enough to be sitting at home. I was told how well I looked and that was nice to hear. Before my op I did look washed out and unhealthy. The only downside to this though is people now assume I’m fully recovered. Something to think about; we shouldn’t just look at people and make assumptions but take the time to listen properly. It will take time to recover and I am going to look after myself properly which includes saying ‘No’ when I feel it is appropriate.

Here is this week’s video. I am tired and I make no excuses for showing so. We are all human and our bodies aren’t the greatest of designs. We should however be our authentic selves and do so proudly.



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