Weekly Card Reading & Chat


A strong message coming through this week about community. I remember when I was growing up if you were short on something (tea,sugar etc) you’d be sent to a neighbour with a cup to ask nicely for some. There was always turn about with these requests and it worked. Fast forward 30 years and although I know quite a few of my neighbours I can’t imagine anyone knocking on the door to borrow something.

I was heartened to see on social media one of my sisters put out a message that she had an abundance of beetroot and spinach to share. In turn she was offered raspberries etc when they come into season. Social media is important for connecting and sharing information.

This weeks reading has the usual chat to start with and then I drew the cards. At the end of the session some people asked for one cards readings and I obliged. Please note if I do a reading like this in public for anyone if there is anything I feel is sensitive I will share it later on a one to one basis.

I hope you enjoy this weeks  video





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