Distance means nothing

20140224_175543The picture is of Gem and Garfield, mother and son stretched out on a fish tank I used to have.

I’ve had an interesting week. Health wise things are really picking up now. No longer is taking the dogs out for a 20 minute walk an up hill battle. We are all quite lively out on the walk and it is lovely to see Juno enjoying himself once again, though the stopping every 2 minutes to sniff flowers, him not me, still needs some getting used to.

The card reading for this week was I felt quite a strong and energetic one. Lots of cards ‘jumping’ out of the pack to form a story of sorts giving guidance. I have had questions and comments on the reading and it is wonderful to find out that so many are getting something out of it.

I’ve also done some distance healing this week. The feedback is good and even if it was just the fact I was sending the individual positive thoughts I would definitely give try sending distance healing again.



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