Let’s talk about……Mental Health

Here is a film (approx 6 mins long)tfl recently produced by Transport for London. As I took part in it’s making I can say the only thing scripted about it are the questions.

I have watched it myself and reflected on my own contribution. Crumbs, emotions can be raw but as they say better out than in. I had spent too many months keeping up a brave appearance only for it to be to my detriment. No, I now realize I should have said I wasn’t well and I needed some assistance.

I have seen some of my colleagues, who took part in the film, around, but as it is a large organisation we don’t all get to interact, and watching the film I was gobsmacked listening to what they said. We see people and go by what we see. Some of us are better at picking up body language or are more intuitive than others. Sometimes, we really domindful-meditation-wolf-head_bw_fa-1-page-001 see but prefer to keep ourselves to ourselves. We are definitely a complicated species!

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