What’s in a glass of wine?!

What indeed!Wine  When I was younger I did enjoy a drink or three. All part of good night out, at least I thought it was. Age and being more health conscious means I rarely touch alcohol these days. Though last night I did have a couple of glasses. Suffice to say the head is a little gentle today.

It does make me wonder though does life have a way of putting obstacles in our way or rather reasons to slow down. When we are at work and under pressure we sometimes get feelings of stress. We ignore these feelings, keep ploughing on and sometimes this results in a stress overload. The body (and our minds) go into a state where it gets harder and harder to function. I believe Mindfulness stress reduction exercises and practices can help.

The act of noticing, breathing and taking time out to center myself.  I have over the last few weeks taken more time to meditate and I notice the difference. I am sleeping better and waking up feeling refreshed. I have been working on other skills like Animal Communication. My dog Juno isn’t a a good companion to practice with as he is readily able to communicate what he wants or how he is feeling. I have been practicing with my dog Hera. She is a very quiet dog and tends to be an observer. However, on Friday I had my first proper communication with her. She asked for water. More practice required but I am happy with my progress.mindful-meditation-wolf-head_bw_fa-1-page-001

Today, I am taking it easy and using the time to catch up on reading and reflecting on the past week.



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