Should we reflect and change our breaks?!

20140731_234947I now know the other half reads my blog. ‘Erm, are those my headphones?” she asked having seen the picture of Hera. “Yes” I said. Well and truly busted!

On Monday evening I gave the Facebook Live thing a go. I didn’t time myself; I just went with the flow and amazingly kept to the 15 mins.

I felt a bit nervous doing it but once I got into it I really enjoyed it. So much so I am giving it another go tomorrow evening at 8pm. This time I will be talking about how I used cards and crystals to do reading.

It has been a hard couple of weeks as I don’t like sitting around and doing nothing. I have come to value the time. The space to think and well yes think. I feel mentally clearer and refreshed. So, even though I was recovering from something physical I have benefited mentally as well.mindful-meditation-wolf-head_bw_fa-1-page-001

Perhaps we all need a mental health break now and again. Maybe this is something we should be considering when we take holidays or engage in different life events.

I know I will be thinking differently in the future.


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