I am no ordinary being

So, yesterday my guardians brought me back to see Anne, the vet.  I was beside myself with excitement20170413_110429 when the words ‘road trip’ were mentioned. Great I thought. I’ll go out to the Rav and jump in. We get out onto the drive and they have these steps there. ‘What are they playing at?!” Turns out I have to walk up these steps to get into the Rav, apparently I am delicate.

It was an uneventful drive and we stopped off at services near Winchester. Oh so many smells!

Then a bit later on we arrive at Anderson Moores. I remembered my previous visit. I was brought into the reception to check in. I was asked to sit down. My mistake I went to jump up on a chair but it turns out I’m supposed to sit on the floor. This is so not like being at home! I decided to say hello to everyone and have a sniff around.

Into the office to see Anne. Of course I went in to check out it was safe. I found the emergency exit and attempted to open it. Then for the examination. I didn’t like my reflexes being tested and OMG when she checked my spine out. Still my guardians chatted with Anne and I decided it was time to go home. They were still chatting so I went to the office door and rattled the handle. Thankfully they got the hint….and we headed home.

So, why am I no ordinary being? The injury I had meant I had difficulty breathing and I shouldn’t have been able to walk. No one is quite sure how I was still alive.  I wasn’t expected to make it through the operation but I did. I was mortified I had to wee in the kennel after the operation but the nurses weren’t allowed to take me out until the following day. I was bright and bubbly the day after the operation so I was allowed homjunoe earlier than planned.

Here I am about 2 weeks later and I have the all clear. I have 2 weeks left in the crate and after that I just need to take life a bit easier. Play golf instead of rugby according to the vet!


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