‘Extraordinary People/ Exceptional Care’

20140323_110449 Yes, the picture is real. Hera (dog) and Jack (cat) snuggle together on a regular basis.

‘Extraordinary People/Exceptional Care’ this is taken from the website of Anderson Moores. These are the people who took care of Juno.

I think Juno, the other dogs and cats are my fur babies. So, I don’t see myself as a pet owner but as a guardian. The staff at Anderon Moores treated Juno with dignity and respect. They took him off for examination without us; as if they wanted him to say how he was feeling. Without our viewpoint clouding his feelings and communication. The vet then had a chat with us in an office. She explained what they had done and what they were about to do without any technical jargon. We were also treated with dignity and respect.

The way we all have been looked after has got me thinking about how we are in other areas of life. Indeed, at my own place of work I can see where I can make changes to make the working day a more enjoyable experience.

I believe we are here to help each other. Not necessarily by actively doing things for mindful-meditation-wolf-head_bw_fa-1-page-001other people but by being authentic versions of ourselves.

What do you think?! I would love to hear your views. Please feel free to contact me.



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