I see…….Isey!

20170406_121346Isey is the youngest ( two years old) dog in the house. She is also the one most likely to be into mischief.

I wrote a blog post earlier, left it for awhile went back and deleted it. Why?! I deleted it because I could see this going into some sort of pity story and that is not what I want for this. Reflection is a great tool and one we should use regularly.

Last night we had a rough night with Juno. I could be sitting here still dwelling on it, however, we have had a really good day. He is communicating more and he is pushing boundaries. Tomorrow might be different but I don’t need to worry about it until then.

The other half decided to mow the front garden this afternoon. It is something I usually do and I know where the frogs hide, where the fox likes to poo and where the badgers make little holes. Well, she found one of the holes and ended up twisting her ankle.  A bit of rest and she’ll be fine.

So, I am sitting here thinking this week was supposed to be about me. Me sitting quietly feeling sorry for myself. But that isn’t me. I am a plodder and if there is an issue which needs to be dealt with then I will sit and think it through. I may not come up with the most conventional of solutions but that is me.

The way I see this week is the universe has told me to take it easy. I haven’t been listening of late and I see it now I should be reflecting and preparing to move forward. Physically it will take me some time to heal. My mind requires rest, sunshine and simplicity. All of mindful-meditation-wolf-head_bw_fa-1-page-001which have been gifted this week.




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