Do you know (Juno) my earth angel?

Well here I am the day after the big event!  I was well looked after as a day patient, though this not eating and no coffee until the afternoon was not the most pleasant experience.  Sadly, I can’t report I had any out of body experiences. They knocked me out and that was it until I was brought round in the recovery room. A perfect exp20170403_155514 (1)erience really. I did, however, do a meditation whilst I was waiting and I imagined Juno was with me. He had these enormous wings behind him with a strong gold colour glow. The message was ‘Yes, Earth Angels do exist and not always in the expected form’.

My  sense of humour can be inappropriate at times and this came through when they were asking me questions in the recovery room. ‘Would I like a drink?’, ‘Yes please a large mug of black coffee’, ‘No, as you might be sick, you can have a drink of water’. ‘I promise I won’t be sick!’. Dutifully I drank the water and as I was ok I had my coffee later. The other question was who was picking me up. Because Juno, couldn’t be left alone we called on a favour from friends.  The friend picking me up is a coroner’s officer  and I delightfully told the nurses this. Apparently I wasn’t funny but I was giggling away.

When I was brought back into the room I found it really hard to focus. I didn’t want to sleep as I wanted to go home. Besides I wanted to check myself over and make sure everything was ok.  I got my phone out and text the other half. Social Media helped as well as it brought me into contact with the ‘real’ world. Being in a private room is great but it was ever so isolating.

The plan is now is to rest and recuperate. I have been getting requests for reamindful-meditation-wolf-head_bw_fa-1-page-001dings and coaching this week which is great and I’m looking forward to getting back to everything very soon.

I’d love to hear about your experiences using meditation to help calm and centre. Contact Me


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