We should be more dog

20140511_164915We should be more dog or specifically more like Juno. Indulge me as I explain why.  Juno is 8 years old and I’ll be honest he fulfilled my ambition of having a dog.  He is a joy to have around and unlike my other two dogs he gives proper cuddles. So, that’s my first reason for suggesting we should be more Juno – cuddles!

My second is his temperament and humour. Yesterday, he had an emergency referral to a specialist vet. It was nearly a 3 hour drive and we had to leave home by 5:30am. He lay uncomplaining in the car for the whole journey. When we arrived there and we mentioned the word ‘vet’ when getting him out of the car he lay down. A dead weight and wouldn’t move. So, I said to him ‘shall we go meet some ladies’, well he flew out of the car.  He loves meeting people and interacting with other dogs. Once registered he went off with the vet and the nurse, not a bother on him.

He was examined and they thought it might be an issue with his spleen. The tests the neuro vet did were inconclusive (he was walking like he was drunk). However, a bit later on the these tests were repeated. The decision was made to do an MRI scan. This revealed a broken disc in his neck. The decision was made to take him straight into theatre. Nearly six hours later we get a phone call from the vet. Difficult surgery and there were some added complications but it was considered a success. This morning he has been out and walking unaided and is in good spirits.

I can’t imagine the pain he must have been in. Not once did he growl or snap at anyone. The only block was he wasn’t able to tell us what he was feeling. So, this is my third reason for being more like Juno. He didn’t show any anger or aggression.

I am very impressed with the Vet Practice but I will save that for another post.


I’m having my procedure done on Monday, I know timing! I’m taking heed of how Juno has been throughout his experience. Noting I can communicate with hospital staff.

I would like to thank everyone who sent good wishes, prayers and healing. I firmly believe it has all helped.

Have you had a similar experience you would like to share? Then please feel free to comment or get in touch.



6 thoughts on “We should be more dog

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  2. angelasommers

    Awww, what a precious doggie you have! I wish him well – and you too! Hope you get to enjoy each other for a long long time to come 🙂


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