A black dog and two cinnamon sticks

Some 20140517_102115-1 refer to ‘the black dog of depression’. Personally, I don’t like the reference to the black dog. I have two black dogs, very different but both very loving. Without them I wouldn’t have cuddles and unconditional love they so freely offer.  However, I understand people need to have a way of expressing themselves. So, we need to be open and understanding about how others use words.

Personally, I’m doing ok at the moment. I have an issue with fibroids and, thankfully, next week it will be rectified.  I have found drinking tea made from cinnamon sticks have really helped with the symptoms. What has also helped is being open with people about how I was feeling. This isn’t something I had done before. Normally, I say I’m grand and smile. It’s no one else’s business or is it?!  I have been reading various articles about famous people and their’ Black dog’ days. I find it incredible people like Princess Diana, David Beckham and other famous people  have opened up about their mental health issues but as yet there hasn’t been a sizable shift in how society addresses the topic.

I came across this article today and found it heartening that schemes are being developed to help children and young people.

If you would like to chat about famous people openly talking about their mental health please feel free to contact memindful-meditation-wolf-head_bw_fa-1-page-001


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