This is me, this is my moment, this is my authentic self.

Why share something personal? Shouldn’t I be presenting the wholesome everything is just fine image?

Magazines, social media it’s all just glitz and glamour so that must be real life…..mustn’t it? Codswallop, we all know life is about smelly socks, thinking about what’s for dinner and talking about a tv show or something similar at work. Cause that’s what we all do…..isn’t it?

Two versions. Both as fake as each other for the same but different reasons.

This is why my approach is unique. I make no pretence about who I am. If I need a time out I will take a time out. I live by what I believe in and I value myself.

I’ve had the opportunity presented to capture moments from my life. I encourage others to look out for opportunities and this is me saying it might not seem like a great one but if the universe presents I say ‘thank you’.

I reviewed the video last night and I started crying. What’s up asked the other half? Nothing says I. Then why are you crying? I don’t know. Let me look at the video she says. Then passes the tissues. I’ve no idea why I was crying, it just happened. So, I looked for a positive. Oooh my eyes are really nice and blue says I. That’s cause you were on the verge of tears says the other half. True but they still looked good. I start to giggle and cue eye rolling from herself. She walks off knowing I’m back to being me.

Where am I going with this? Serendipity;the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for.  Valuable and agreeable are very positive words. But what does positive actually mean. From a social point of view the emphasis is always on the good, the happy, the profitable. But what about the other side of the words, the bad, the sad. Both negative. Profitable is different. It doesn’t have to mean earned money. For me the day overall was profitable. It may not have seemed like that the time.  I didn’t judge the moments. I lived them. Expressing myself I reflected on my experiences. OK, it was emotional but mindfulness isn’t about abandoning our emotions. Which brings me back to the words the good, the happy. It was good I had the opportunity to express myself. I was happy because I asked a stranger for a favour and he agreed (to send me the recording). The negative words; bad and sad. I can say I was sad on the day and dealing with the emotions was a bad part of the day. But overall the day was valuable and I hadn’t looked for the experience or the opportunity. The day just happened.

The coaching I provide isn’t about me saying I have my life totally sorted. It is about me saying if I can be honest with myself I can encourage you to be honest with yourself.  On the spiritual side I show that no matter how talented a person is we still have to deal with being human. A challenge but all part of the experience.

The video is about 30 seconds long.



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