I see Angels

Ok, FB_IMG_1487865393493I do and it is often. I can tell when Archangel Michael is around. Probably because a lot of what I do is based around the concept of healing.

The picture. What do you see? I know what I see and I’ve had a few people give me their interpretation. Must be a fake, it just has to be. It isn’t. I didn’t take the photo but a friend did on a night out. The photo was taken on a camera phone and hasn’t been edited.

Things happen around me, not all the time but quite often. When I have gone out for evenings there have been experiences. Photographs taken showing things the naked eye can’t see.

I don’t call it ghost hunting or paranormal evenings out.  I call it investigating our mindful-meditation-wolf-head_bw_fa-1-page-001surroundings and open our energies to tune in.

Would you like me to accompany a group on a night out? Please get in touch


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