Love, a message imparted by our furry friends for our enlightenment.

junoJuno is my other half’s best friend. He listens when she…well no matter what it is he listens. They also argue, laugh and hug each other. You could say it’s the perfect friendship.

Yesterday when we woke up Juno didn’t look happy. He didn’t even think about chasing cats; yes he was really ill.  A trip to see a  vet was arranged.

An uneventful journey there, Juno lay in the car unable to show his usual excitement. There was a delay in seeing the vet. I overhead the vet saying to the person in the room. ‘I’m really sorry but we have found two lumps and it’s been confirmed by…..’  Two minutes later a chap walked out from there, unaccompanied and he looked crestfallen.  In a way I felt his pain.

While I had been in the waiting room I had the oddest of thoughts/feelings. That if anything was really wrong with Juno I couldn’t just leave him there, at the vets, I would have to take him home.  This morning chatting to the other half she said while I had been at the vets she had had the same thoughts. Today,  Juno is well on the way to recovery which is a relief.

So, is love more than a feeling?! For me it is. It is also about communication.  mindful-meditation-wolf-head_bw_fa-1-page-001

‘Keep it simple and speak from the heart’.From Little Fockers (2010)



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