Making the future in a place of history

today-1Today I had an excuse to visit one of my favourite buildings; 55 Broadway, London. The prestigious head office of London Underground. Sadly it is to be sold off but everything changes and we must move with the changes.

I had the opportunity to spend nearly a year working there when I was in my twenties. Well it was more like this, my Dad and sisters were visiting and we were enjoying the big day out in London. Whilst we were wandering near the building I said to my Dad “I want to work in that building”. Sure enough a few months later an opportunity arose and there I was enjoying myself.

Not much about the building has changed but I remember back in the day we used to wander around with notebooks, the paper version. Today people were wandering around with electronic notebooks!

This is how the mail used to be dealt with at 55 Broadway.

Which brings me on to why I was in the building. I had a chance to demonstrate guiding/leading a meditation and the best bit it was recorded.


So, in a couple of weeks time I will, fingers crossed, have an MP3 for you to listen to. Exciting times.

If you’d like to talk to me about what I do, please get in touch.


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