Shaking off the cobwebs

Nearly the end of January already, can we sit and say what we have been up to over the last few weeks? Probably not! We struggle with the realisation the celebrations are over and we return to life as it usually is.

For me this year is different I’ve made plans (or rather myself and the other half have made plans). It will take a  lot of effort to carry them out but it will be worth it.

But anyway looking at closer things. This weekend I was helping a friend host a Mind, Body & Spirit evening. I usually stand on the door and do the meet and greets. Explain the set up and how people can book in with the readers or therapies on offer. Well, by 7:30pm nearly all the reading slots for the evening were booked up. Great news except people were still pouring into the hall. People were getting grumpy and to be fair I could understand that. They had come out for an evening and found themselves with not much to actually do.

Now I hadn’t planned to do anything but meet and greet. Within a few minutes though I found myself sitting at a table with people lined up for reading. For some reason I had brought a bag of stones (crystals) with me and luckily I was able to borrow a pack of cards. With a glass of water by my hand I was ready to go.

I went with the flow and decided to get people to pick a stone and from that I would do the reading.mindful-meditation-wolf-head_bw_fa-1-page-001

I then got them to pick a few cards and the idea was the cards would back up what I was saying.  Well, all I can say was it went really well.

A rather pleasant way of starting the year and ending the month. I think I can safely say the cobwebs have well and truly been shaken off.

If you’d like to talk to me about what I do, please get in touch.


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