Everything starts somewhere

Hello and welcome.  I would like to say cardsgrowing up I had loads of spiritual experiences but I can’t or at least I didn’t recognise any if they did happen. I didn’t and it is only when I found myself well into my 30’s did life start making some sort of sense.  Now in my mid 40’s I think back at what could be considered lost time.  This is where my interest in mindfulness is helpful.

I don’t look back in a judging sort of way. The past is the past and without the assistance of H.G. Wells I am unlikely to be able to change it. Instead here I am in the moment.

I started Mindful Meditation as meditation sessions to begin with. This has now grown to running blocks of 6 weekly sessions. Transport for London kindly allowed me to trial the sessions with 10 members of staff.  Feedback has been very good with everyone keen to continue bringing meditation into their lives.

The other side of Mindful Meditation is the Mediumship, Angel Card Reading and Spiritual Healing. The picture is of me with Maria Caulfield MP and David Watts, Mayor of Polegate. I had great evening doing card readings and indeed read for Mrs Caulfield.

Can both sides be used in balance to meet the needs of the business and spiritual? I think both can make a positive contribution.


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